I enjoy working with women. Whether you decide to stay single or not, focus on a full-blown career or not, or become a mother or not, I respect your choices.

I love working with mothers: stay-at-home moms, working-outside-of-the-home moms, and part-time stay-at-home/part-time working-outside-of-the-home moms. I will support you regardless of how you choose to spend your day. I know it is not easy whichever option you choose, especially not without feeling guilty. My friend, Melly, says it best when referring to motherhood: “It’s the struggle of the juggle”.

I also serve mothers dealing with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, such as postpartum depression and anxiety, as well as women who face pregnancy, infertility or adoption issues.

For further information on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs), please click on the following links:

Postpartum Health Alliance in San Diego
Postpartum Support International


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