With parenting often comes a lot of self-doubt and guilt wondering if you are doing right by your children. When colicky infants keep you up all hours of the night or teenagers refuse to go to school, you may have moments of regret, thinking “What the heck was I thinking?!” (becoming a parent in the first place). These occasional thoughts are all normal.

Since every child is different, there are no one-size-fits-all parenting answers, which makes your “tough love” role so much more difficult and confusing. That’s why it can be helpful to address some of your parenting challenges with an objective and experienced party. Even though I no longer serve children in my practice, I am a trained Play Therapist, Parent-Child Interaction Therapist, and Child Trauma Therapist. I work with parents who have children of all ages from infancy to young adulthood.

Usually a few intentional positive changes within the parent-child relationship will effectively trickle down to all areas of the family life. But sometimes, when nothing seems to work, I give parents referrals to seek professional help for their children. In these cases, it’s possible your child is dealing with a mood disorder, such as depression or anxiety, a learning disability, or any other health issues you may not have been aware of.

I am here to tell you that you only have to be “good enough” as a parent and are allowed to make mistakes. There is ALWAYS help out there. So please, NEVER give up on improving the relationship with your children!

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